Predictable Bot


Running a Prediction

In this guide we'll simply go through creating a prediction, all the way through to final payouts and how the calculations work

Create the prediction
To start the creation process run the "/prediction create" command in discord

In this modal window you simply fill in all of the details about the prediction you want

Make sure to put each option on it's own line. That's the only rule. You can have as many as you want and even include emotes

Once a prediction is made you can right-click on it and under the apps section you'll see some commands

These commands are how you manage an on-going prediction

When a prediction is locked it will no longer allow people to make or change their wagers.

Mark Answer
Once you've clicked this a selection option will appear just like the wager placement one. However when you fill in this one it will set the correct answer for the prediction.

Once an answer is marked nothing happens yet, and it is not displayed anywhere. It is simply a step before payout to give you a chance to verify what you've entered before paying out the prediction.

When this is ran it will determine the winners and pay them out accordingly

How are payouts calculated?

When a payout is calculated it sums the total amount of wagers plus the server's kitty. Then if anyone has zero dollars it will give each of them $1 taken out of this pool to make sure no one can end up without money.

The remaining pool of money is then distributed among the winners based on what percentage of the winners they make up.

i.e. if someone's wager makes up 10% of the wagers of the winners, they will get 10% of the pool

All payouts are made in whole dollars, and any left over money due to rounding is given to a random winner who currently has the least amount of money

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