Predictable Bot
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Built to be FREE
This bot is built to be efficient, so operating cost are next to nothing.

So it costs end users nothing to use

So no pay walled features

Built for display
Create rich predictions with image embeds

Built for reliability
The bot and website are both designed with fault tolerance in mind.

All error cases are safely handled so the bot will never go down due to an error.

And when an error does occur the proper safeties are made to ensure no transaction gets lost.

No restrictions
Put as many options as you want
Just make sure each option is on it's own line

You can also embed emotes straight into your options and description by typing them

Break free from commands
The only slash command you'll ever need is /create to open the creation window
Everything else is done though menus and right clicks

Want to lock a prediction?
Right-click > Apps > Lock

Want to payout a prediction?
Right-click > Apps > Payout

Commit 747c3f0
Version 1.2.0
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